Our sales force team visits around 36'000 retail, convenience and specialist shops. 3'000 customer monthly visits, in circuits with a frequency of 1-8 weeks. 60% of our direct sales are generated in free trade, 40% through indirect trading at Coop, Manor, Spar, Denner, and Lekkerland stores, etc.

Direct, free-trade sales

Our 18 sales representatives can electronically record orders on the customer's premises and transfer them directly to our SAP.


CRM tool for analysis of organized trade

With our analysis tool, which has been specially developed for our sales force team, we can collect various customer-specific data:

  • Market surveys (distribution/facing/prices)
  • Pre-sales order
  • Indirect orders via wholesalers
  • Evaluations by Nielsen-region, by wholesaler or according to classification (shop sizes etc.)

All results are transmitted daily and can be viewed online by the customer. A valuable analytical tool, particularly in the case of special contracts and leases.