About us

  • Powerforce AG was founded on 1 April 2000.
  • The Zubler family owns all of this stock company.
  • 35 employees in internal and external service, as well as in logistics
  • 5 Key Account Manager
  • A national field sales force of 18 employees, in Italian-, French- and German-speaking Switzerland
  • 50 freelancers handling merchandising, layout & promotion orders
  • We have our own warehouse, with capacity for 4,800 pallets, at our headquarters in Möriken, in the canton of Aargau, in Switzerland
  • A 230m2 showroom and outlet store

Powerforce reflects its many years of experience in the retail trade, an excellent national and international network, and is visibly both a mobile and a flexible organization.

In the June issue of the «Wirtschaftsforum» of the German Chamber of Commerce, there was an article on Powerforce featuring an interview with Roger Zubler. Read the article (in german) here >> Full force brand activation